Digital Financial Analyst allows you to make informed decisions about including shares in your investment portfolio based on high-quality fundamental analysis.

It's recommendations are based on modern algorithms for filtering information, data forecasting and machine learning, which allow you to calculate the fair (fundamental) value of shares and estimate their expected return (IRR) when investing for a long period (10-30 years).

By analyzing all stocks using a single methodology, the Digital Financial Analyst avoids the disadvantages of traditional, “manual” fundamental analytics, which consists in the subjectivity of the analyst’s selection of incoming information and the DCF model methodology (for more details, see the video “Fundamental Analysis of Stocks: What Is Hidden Behind the Recommendations of Analysts?”), and gives investors the right to independently introduce the necessary subjective accents into the assessment.

To learn why the Digital Financial Analyst's recommendations work and will be useful to smart investors, read the Model Verification section. Also, to understand why the objective fair (fundamental) value of a stock can deviate significantly from the market price, watch the video “Fundamental Analysis of Stocks: What Does Science Say About Objective Fair Value?”.

Founder of the Digital Financial Analyst project Yuri Ichkitidze, Ph.D.